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OK, so whilst fiddling around with my Linux Mint installation today I had the idea of creating my very own distribution of Linux. I decided that a Newgrounds-themed OS would be pretty damn cool, so I've started work on remastering Ubuntu to create Newgrounds Linux!

It will pretty much be a standard Ubuntu installation, except with a fresh Newgrounds look. So that means Newgrounds wallpapers, theme, bootup splash, sound theme and whatever more I can think of. I'll also be adding a few extra goodies in like Flash-player preinstalled so you can watch movies and play games on Newgrounds straight out the box!

Anyway, I only just had the idea so it will be a while before it's done. I'll probably have a basic setup done by the end of today with the wallpapers and sounds. After that it'll take me a few days to make the icon theme, bootup theme, logon theme and various other things. In a week I'll probably have it complete, then after that I can test it to make sure it works properly, then I'll release it.

Anyway, feel free to reply with suggestions/comments/spam.

Update 22.08.09 (Again :P )
3rd update today. I have successfully(ish) integrated the bootup screen. It displays perfectly on the LiveCD shut-down and a full installation startup and shut-down. Unfortunately it doesn't display when the LiveCD is starting up (although the logo is there on the boot-menu). I'll try and fix this, but I may have to give up an accept that the LiveCD is too stupid to let me do what I'm trying. It's not like it's a show-stopping bug.

Two pieces of good news today though, the first is that my friend has very kindly agreed to host the Newgrounds Linux website, so you can expect that to appear hopefully in the next week. The other good news is that I've successfully installed Newgrounds Linux in a virtual machine, and everything is 100% working and usable. The only glitch I noticed was that the wallpaper zoomed in on the top right corner instead of scaling to fit the screen, but as soon as I opened the appearance manager it immediately corrected itself. This should be fixable anyway.

Updates 24/08/09
OK, things are going well, the CD is now under 700mb (Had to remove Evolution Mail Client - sorry, you can install it yourself if you want). There are now a few bugs left for me to fix.

Bug List:
All bugs now fixed! - 30/08

Update 30/08
Finally! All bugs have now been fixed (at least up to the point they can be). The only 2 minor annoyances it that the wallpaper still zooms in instead of stretching to fit. However immediately after opening the "Change Wallpaper" or "Appearance" programs the wallpaper will correct itself. You only need to do this once and it doesn't happen again. And the Ubuntu logo still displays when booting up the LiveCD only, but this is only an aesthetic issue. I've decided to leave these after trying to fix them for a while, as it makes bugger all difference in the end.

So development-wise, things are 100% done, and the Release Candidate has been buitl! Over the next week me and a few friends are going to test it out and make sure it's definitely working as expected. I should get a website online over the week as well so that things should be 100% for the release next weeked.

CONFIRMED! File is uploaded and ready for launch tomorrow!
Release Date: September 13th!!

Also, here's a screenshot of it so far, it's still a work in progress. The image is small, but I don't want to show much whilst it's still under development though

Newgrounds Linux!