2008-07-28 05:55:01 by Rohedin

I think I might've caught gumOnShoe on his period. I just got banned for 2 weeks for one slightly spammy post that was actually relevant. 3 days I'd be cool with, a week I'd be annoyed but 2 friggin' weeks? Gragh, the post mood describes my utter pissed offness of this situation.


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2008-07-28 08:25:13

What did you post? Because sometimes the mods will add days if it is insulting that mod.

Rohedin responds:

Somebody posted 'InB4Spam' and I replied with 'spam'. Seems a bit too much for 2 weeks if you ask me.


2008-08-02 12:58:11

gumOnShoe is a candidate for Worst Mod 08, and that incident will further concrete his inevitable position.

Rohedin responds:

Do I get a medal or something?